Front & Centaur Studios . . . I do hope you like horrendous puns
My resume, along with more bits and bats concerning meself
Justice Is Nocturnal : A mystery comic fashioned in the noir style and featuring a cast of fantastical halfbreeds (current/updated regularly) You will believe a centaur can dance
Wolf Wears Wool : A webcomic about a trio of paranormal investigators, one of whom is decidedly of the paranormal variety, himself (currently on hiatus)
Crimean Lament : A tale of Wolf Wears Wool, set during the Crimean War (complete)
Scream of the South : A tale of Wolf Wears Wool : Simon, R. and Ursula are off to North Carolina to investigate a troublesome banshee
If You Fear The Wailing Wind : A tale of an unlikely companionship between a crow and a scarecrow (complete)
Love and Lovindarrs : Illustrated Novel : The Lovindarrs are a big, ridiculous family, all of whom despise one another . . . Little do they know that sometimes one must fall in love with others in order to love one's loved ones.
Illustration and Fanart : More arts and stuffs featuring my characters and those of others